Learning the Power of Faith from David and Goliath

David and Goliath the story of great faith and how it works. 1 Samuel:17  Now the Philistines gathered their forces for war and assembled at Sokoh in Judah. They pitched camp at Ephes Dammim, between Sokoh and Azekah. 2 Saul and the Israelites … [Read more...]

The Beauty of Life

In all the world there is no place like our earth.  No other place anywhere in close proximity to us that has the beauty and splendor and balance and harmony and majesty and serenity and exquisiteness of our home.  We have explored and not found … [Read more...]

Life Is Supposed To Be Fun!

If you are an Abraham-Hicks fan, then chances are you've heard these words before. I first heard them almost a decade ago when I began to listen to Abraham daily on CD. But, it has just been recently that I am waking up to what they mean in my … [Read more...]

Back To The Garden Of Miracles

When I was a little kid I was free to wonder about things like... How can I exist and be totally free-moving? Not attached to earth in any way, like a tree or plant is? How does the simple action of flipping a switch create light from a bulb in … [Read more...]

Being Loving vs Being Honest

I wouldn't commit myself to living love...I would commit myself to being honest, I AM, WE ARE LOVE...that won't change...the reason we don't experience more of this LOVE that WE ARE is because we have been taught not to be honest... Our entire … [Read more...]

Taking My Own Beautiful Medicine

As I move along though this experience I come across others who are in pain. When they want my help I always tell them the same thing...Feel it and new understanding will come. I know of this because Life has shown me in my own life. This past … [Read more...]

Feel The Energy Flowing

Sometimes I just feel so much energy flowing through me, and I know that means new understandings and new experiences. I used to call this fear and anger, but now I understand it is just the energy I call for as my desires surface. It is generally … [Read more...]

And Life Takes The Reigns

And Life takes the reigns, well, that's not really correct, Life always has had and always will have the reigns. It's so funny to me how we, all of us, think we are individually causing something, when nothing could be further from the truth. I trust … [Read more...]

Trust In Life, Let Go, Let Go

Life created the earth and sky And put us here to try and try Until we realize and then we cry And open to the fact that we don't know And trust in Life to run the show Whatever it is we trust and grow Because it's true that Life does … [Read more...]

My Renee

A spark A tear A bird on the breeze The light of the world Come to be my love Come to me my love Awakened from your sleep Arising from your slumber Know yourself and fly sweet bird Stepping out of the bond Letting go of the … [Read more...]