A Path of Enlightenment

Enlightenment, awakening, Self actualization is about awakening from the dream of the mind. Created for protection. This dream began as a child and has been continually perpetuated… So the teaching goes ‘If I did/do what they want they will love me” – and also as taught by them – ‘I need love from outside myself’.

I Am

Listening to the voice from within and encouraging what is heard creates steps toward that which was chosen against so long ago, for safety reasons, when we were very small and we needed these people.

Now I am grown-up physically and I can move away from those voices left from my childhood that have persisted until now. The voices that say do this, do that, say this, think this, be that, want this….and at the same time don’t say…what do you want? what do you love? what do you feel? What do you think?

What is necessary is a quieting of the outer voices, a devaluing…..And a strengthening of the voice of the Self, an increasing of value.

To grow in our personal value we must unattach from all voices proclaiming a Self worth that is less than satisfactory.
So that a new Self worth might be cultivated. And that same Self worth first seen in the immediate Self, then becomes obvious in the All.

There is ONE SELF…

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