Addictions….Oh My!

It’s time to change the way we see addictions – or what we call addictions.

A new way to see addicitons

Nobody will argue that life can be hard, even nasty. And here we are with all kinds of ways to soothe ourselves and cope with that. Some people come forward and grow so that life is less nasty, (for them and us) but until that day, or maybe to bring that day, we’ve got to see all of life as what is. Giving up the judgment, rationalization, argument and concern.

Trusting that all is as it should be – even when the mind repeats – ‘but you have an addiction…’

No, we have a natural coping mechanism, that when totally accepted will integrate with the whole and give us it’s gifts.

Let’s let it be – all of it and love ourselves…and stop making up stores that scare us.   🙂


  1. Love this insight. I have some ‘addictions’ myself ~
    you are always so on point … <3
    Renee´s last blog post ..~ Once More ~

  2. Yes, Renee, this is the kind of post many people can’t understand!, but there is great truth in these words. Whatever we resist persists…. xoxo

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