This is a response to a question about addictions from a dear friend….


We are human beings and that means creatures of habit. It is your concern over your habits that creates the bind. It isn’t ever what we do it is our thoughts about what we do that causes our issues. Everything in life flows freely like a beautiful un-interrupted river and it flows according to our desires. But when we get our mind in the way and judge what we see and do, we alter the course of the river.

In order to let go of something we have to embrace it and let it be as it is…this includes our behavior. We have to let it be and stop the judgment, stop calling it self defeating and not life nourishing. You could look away from these kinds of ideas and just call your actions part of life…and say that you are trusting life to bring all that you want including and especially, a change in your actions around what ever the issues are.

When we allow, that means we allow ourselves to have the food, drugs, alcohol, whatever it is. It is the same answer, don’t fight and let go of judgment and allow, that is our work.

Trusting right where you are that Life, Source, God can take care of this and anytime your mind starts down the same rut of judging yourself stop it and remember that you are not struggling with this any more and that you are trusting life to bring the answers and the new action.

When we line up the energy first (by trusting for change and giving up the judgment) it will be easy to let go of the behavior and you will know how you did it and you will say…What is next?

Addictions get way too much attention, they are just a part of our program that goes away easily when we are not a match to it anymore…..when we stop making it bad or harmful in our minds.

-lao tzu says it like this…do you have the patience to wait until your mind settles and the water is clear? can you remain unmoving until the right action arises by itself?

-the Beatles say it like this…Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be, there will come an answer, let it be…..

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