All Letting Go Is An Entry Into The Unknown

All Letting Go Is An Entry Into The Unknown

Recently, I watched a program on TV about how the Universe was made. In it they showed how the stars die and how when some of them do they explode and scatter different metals like copper and gold and iron throughout space. In time these fragments bump into each other and form larger pieces. When these larger pieces become a certain size they become round and that’s how our planets were made.

Now, in the light of this information how can I say that I really know anything?  Except how I feel, what I want and what I think.

There’s a plan at work here. And it’s really not for us to know how that plan will unfold.

From non-physical all is known, but not from our perspective.

The attached to this world mind can and does make up millions on millions of scenarios about what is going on, without understanding or being aware of the limitations of our knowledge.

The mind says I know – The Ones says let go.

It’s from a place of not knowing that all knowledge comes. Never are we more stuck than when we close our minds because we think we know.

All letting go is an entry unto the unknown.

Even the really competent scientists remain flexible and open and questioning.

It’s the only way to receive the new, more effective and more efficient energy and it’s the only way to let go, open, allow, flow, receive and understand.

It’s fine if we stay closed to new ideas. But, it’s a lot more fun to remain open and allow the universe to surprise and delight us with new and beautiful understandings and ideas.

Here’s my technique for Finding I Don’t Know.

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