Allowing And The Homesick Camper

We had the privilege of joining our friends recently when they picked up their children from summer camp. It was 8 year old Matt’s first year to be at the two week camp.

We heard from the counselor that Matt was homesick the first couple of days. His counselor took him to another counselor for help with the problem and after the talk Matt was fine and the homesickness disappeared.

Trusting Life

On the drive home in the van Matt’s mother asked him what the counselor had said to him that helped him so much.

Here’s the secret of Matt’s recovery…

The counselor told him it was normal to be homesick, that he would be concerned if Matt wasn’t homesick.

That’s it, so simple, doesn’t take a lot of words…what is…is normal and expected, allow it.

Matt said that after that his homesickness went away and never came back.

It is simple and so easy to breeze on by, but the powerful peace giving idea that what is…is normal, and needs no fighting or judgment, will heal us just the same, so we can enjoy our vacation here…

What are you homesick about? It’s ok and normal…there is nothing wrong with life or you…


  1. It was obvious the kid was yearning his parents and the ambient he used to, so the counselor make a simple tecnique in accepting the kid’s feelings avoiding the kid internalize even more his pain and offering personal support. In my case I find myself in new stage in my life recent marriage, still living in my house but pretty soon I will be leaving and yearning my ambient and my family. It is totally natural feeling homesick when we face new stages, changes, moving to new places, be sorrounding with new people. Time and forming new bonds will help us.

  2. Hi Giselle, good to have you! yes, being homesick is normal…my good point was that when we allow our feelings to be as they are and count them normal, then we can easily move on to feelings we like better. please visit again, Anne

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