Allowing the Arguing

Written by Anne on July 30th, 2010

…I am aware of my arguing. As I stay in a space of allowing and watch I notice the thoughts that flow and many of them are some type of argument. And I remember as a small child arguing with my Dad and him arguing back. I was taught to argue as a way of life, we all were.

Every thought or word that is against anything is really an argument. I notice them everywhere, from others, from myself.

When we are children we get here with so much desire and promise and if allowed to be…but no, our parents argue with us right from the start. You have to eat this, you have to wear that. Don’t say that, do that, be that…. We are taught to become part of the argument.

Every division or duality is just an argument.

When we stop arguing with life and allow it to flow freely we can move gently down stream effortlessly and whole.

I bring this up to help those of you who are like me and want to step out of and unattach from the argument. I do this by allowing the argument. So I have no argument with the arguing. It is just as valuable as anything else and in the perfect will of our Source, it’s just not for me.

I let go by allowing, always.


  1. That is something I did decades ago. Well at least I came to that conclusion back then. I have attempted ever since then, not to waste my time and energy….with the negativity.

  2. Hi Tom, me too, focus on what is wanted…thanks so much for the visit dear friend…

  3. Yes, when arguing is what-is in the moment, it’s perfect too! See, you just can’t do IT “wrong” or “right”, ’cause it’s ALL perfect!!!

  4. yes Sandy, I so agree. As I notice myself as I am, then, I can rechoose and change my life. I appreciate your love and clarity sweetheart…many blessings to you.

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