Allowing What Is

The key to a satisfying experience here is to let go and allow what comes…whether that be thoughts that keep coming or emotional pain.

It may take a while for the initial discomfort to fade…but as there is trust and allowing…pain fades and hammering voices quieten.

And natural rhythms return in all areas
Understanding opens
Love deepens
Gentleness awakens
Fear dissolves

What we resist persists and what is allowed is brought into balance.

Allow what is….


  1. jim atwell says

    You are as god as it gets. Learn to love your creation or uncreate it with love.

  2. I love that Jim, you are as God as it gets…..yes you are! thanks friend.

  3. I agree with Jim — and you ARE as GOOD as it gets —
    without you, I would so not good most of the time. It’s
    so important for this relationship to keep growing stronger.

  4. Thank you Renee, we are all just Life, doing Life’s thing. I am here…. xo

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