And Life Takes The Reigns

I Am

And Life takes the reigns, well, that’s not really correct, Life always has had and always will have the reigns. It’s so funny to me how we, all of us, think we are individually causing something, when nothing could be further from the truth. I trust that Life has a reason for this as well. But I still chuckle at our silliness, kind of like when a five year old announces she is a ‘big girl’.

And Life Takes The Reigns

As I grow more and more aware along my path it does become more and more clear to me that not only does Anne not do anything, but that there is no Anne, not really, it is all Life. This one desires and this one facilitates and this one gives and this one receives, we are all doing everything together. Not only that, we are doing it all right on time. This has been said many times and these words are not new, but as I take one step after another and eventually end up with this reality for myself, something else becomes readily available…

When I get this, that we are all doing everything and that everything is being done perfectly, then, I can let go of my need to get rid of anything, judge anything or trash anything. And at the same time, I don’t need to focus on that which does not feel good to me. I get to choose what, who, when and how I want my life, we all are. This is the calling from within, some have more clarity than others..

With more clarity comes the freedom to choose based on how I feel and what I want, ONLY. Leaving out everything else. What my neighbor thinks, what my husband thinks, what my children think, all of it, and go only by what lives within me. Knowing that this calling is Life itself working everything out in it’s own way, in it’s own time.

Many, reject these words because they don’t trust their own feelings and desires. This is because we were taught as children no to trust ourselves. How were we taught this? By parents who didn’t listen to our feelings and desires and help us move toward what we wanted and felt. They didn’t help us follow the voice from within because they didn’t know to follow the voice from within themselves.

We can learn to trust our own voice, what we feel and what we want, by feeling, whether it’s anger or hate or sadness or fear, we must begin to feel and trust. We learn by asking ourselves questions such as, what do I want, what feels the best to me and how do I feel about that? Yes, after you find what you feel and want dozens of thoughts will come up telling you how you can’t, you shouldn’t, that’s not right or that’s wrong… then more feelings will come, and again we are helpless to only feel and trust, and slowly but surely things get turned around and answers come and awareness arises and we begin to see things differently and we make new choices and we feel some more and some more and we understand things we have never understood and more feelings come.

It takes courage to feel and trust, and feel and trust. But gaining trust in yourself and standing on your own two emotional feet brings freedom and health and peace.

with great Love, anne


  1. This is just beautiful and I love to ‘see’ the emotion behind it … Trusting is so key and we must all become still enough to know when new awarenesses are coming into our lives.

    I love you.

  2. Thank you Renee, I’m so glad you like these words…I love you too…

  3. I love this! Something inside happened as I read the second to last paragraph. I love your insights!

  4. thank you! “Something inside happened”….these words are music to my hears my love. it is my greatest wish that I share what is flowing though me…

  5. I love this and as I am reading I feel that …ah, yes perfect….feeling. Thank you Anne, for being exactly who you are. Love you, Deb

  6. Hi Sweet Deb, so good to hear from you! thank you, I’m so glad these words make you feel good!

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