And the Door Opens

I was sitting on the kitchen floor with my cat yesterday. I was deep in my feeling, thinking meditation. I was thinking about life and how everything is an expression of life. I was feeling the energy as it flowed through my body. I had the thought that everybody, no matter what they are doing and what they are experiencing has a way. The trees have a way, the wind has its way, my neighbors have their way and I have my way. And then it hit me. All ways are life experiencing. All ways are valuable and all are interwoven with every other way.

It was right then that I heard a noise and I looked around the little bar at the edge of the kitchen and I watched as the door leading from the hallway into the garage slowly opened, all by itself, nobody was around, it just opened. And I knew that with the dawning of this idea and the feeling of its truth for me a door had opened.

After that I also realized that like most of us, I have been looking outside myself to the ways of others; comparing and contrasting and judging and not really fully allowing my own way. I know for sure that my only job is to cherish and value and enjoy my way. I know from experience that when I love myself I love others. It follows like night follows day. So I am enjoying this new awareness and allowing it to open and permeate my experience.

The awareness is that we are all part of the stream of life and that life is flowing through each of us. We are life and I am a part of it all. I don’t need to know all the details, I only follow and admire and enjoy. I am more and more brought to see that I really don’t know anything. Not in the face of the broad knowing of non-physical. I know what I want. I can feel that. But I don’t know what nonphysical is up to or how this great dance is being orchestrated…

I am learning to live in the day and cherish the experiences. And leave everything else to Life.

Love you,


  1. I love that the door physically opened for you! What a wonderful symbol! The Universe is not giving you subtle signals at all. This is such a beautiful reflection that you share with us, and an amazing reminder! Thank you!

  2. Hello Stacey, how happy I am that you liked my post. I really appreciate and enjoyed your observations. It is so nice to be loved by you. Please visit as often as you like.

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