Another Way to Look at Our Ego

Another Way To Look At The EgoAbout the ego, if we could just understand that the voice we call the ego is a distortion of our voice that has come about as a result of our lack of attention to it.  Kind of like what happens to a little child if they are not given proper attention, they morph into something we don’t like any more.

When we as individuals begin to really listen to our voice, distorted or not, and find the truth underneath, then we will begin to clear out old issues and come to the rest we desire.  The ego voice, or child who has adapted to the world here wants to be set free.  It wants to remember who it is, who we are.

When you say to ignore this voice and detach from it you are doing the exact thing that created it in the first place.  We must lovingly sit down and listen to what is being said.  If a little child, say your nephew, was afraid of something you wouldn’t ignore him, you would sit down and listen to what he is saying and help him see things in a less frightening way.

We can do this with ourselves, our own frightened self, finding new ways to see things, lovingly listening and valuing what is said and re-parenting ourselves.  We can do this until we are fully grown and are our real self.

I didn’t realize I found myself disgusting by ignoring the voices, but by listening.  Then I knew it was because of the way my parents lived that I decided for this self disgust.  By listening, I became aware of just what the tangle was and I could redecide and leave that idea behind.

Many people want to transcend, but few are willing to go through.  There is no way around.  You are you, all of you, I am me all of me.  When we are not willing to stop and listen to ourselves, really listen, we are left with only words about.

Real unconditional love starts with yourself, and it means loving yourself no matter what you look like, even distorted from lack of attention.


  1. Janelle Thomas says

    I do not agree at all with the above Anne as I am a passionate student of A Course in Miracles which is from my way of thinking and experiencing the ego to be the Master in explaining the ego and its wily ways. I have listened to, spoken to, loved, hated, ignored the ego for a long time and I find that the Courses teachings to be the most powerful and extensive on the planet about the ego.

  2. Hi Janelle, You could have used the Bible to argue with me as well or the Quran. I’m sure there are plenty more who don’t agree, and they all have good reasons.

    Everybody is not supposed to be on the same path as I am on, it requires getting rid of ALL other’s words and only listening to the voice from inside. The voice from within, to me, is the most powerful and extensive of all voices…on every subject…

    And, I’ll bet I could use any of the before mentioned spiritual books to make a case for listening to the voice from within. If I cared what they said anymore…

    I wish you the best, anne

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