Back To The Garden Of Miracles

Back To The Garden of MiraclesWhen I was a little kid I was free to wonder about things like…

How can I exist and be totally free-moving? Not attached to earth in any way, like a tree or plant is?

How does the simple action of flipping a switch create light from a bulb in the ceiling?

How can you put a seed in the ground and a carrot or potato grows?

Most small children have these types of wanderings, like, where does the moon come from?

Now, as I remember these puzzles in my head and I have more scientific understandings about what is going on…I still sit in awe and wonder about all of it.

The bible says that when we are/were first created we are/were put into a beautiful garden. This (our earth) really is such a place, plenty of air, water, food and beauty, with life all around.

MiraclesWe don’t experience the garden (Miraculous) when we practice trying to know about good and evil instead of just living.

Do you believe in miracles?

How could this even be an entertain-able question?

What is a miracle? Something happening out of our control, beyond our power and for our good.

What is water?
What is air?
What is food?

All are miracles…

Living In The I Don't KnowYour brain, do you know how it is made? Do you have the power to make one? Is it for our good? OF COURSE IT IS.

Everything is a miracle.

Where do birds come from?

The sun – out of our control, beyond our power and for our good.

Your body, childbirth, rain, puberty, a cat’s purr, fiber in your diet?

Do I Believe In Miracles?

I   A M   A   W A L K I N G   M I R A C L E ! ! !

We all are, and everything we can see, taste, touch, smell and hear…. Miracles.

All of it for our benefit and out of our control.

Still not sure? How did you get yourself here? Where are you going when you leave the body?

Some religionists stand up with made-up answers – NOBODY really knows.

It’s all just a colossal group of miraculous events. One after the other.

And anybody who agrees is experiencing the garden.


  1. And Anne, my dear sweet Anne, you are my miracle . I am a miracle too – we all are = we rock!
    Renee´s last blog post ..It Takes What It Takes – Welcome 2014!

  2. Yes, my Renee, we all are! We all so are! xo

  3. I love this!! When I was a little girl I wondered if dogs were boys and cats were girls…smiles. I also wondered if other people only came alive when I came around. That last thought use to keep me occupied for hours. I love this my Anne, it brought back some sweet childhood memories and also turns my thoughts towards one of my favorite subjects….this garden 😉

  4. Hello my Anna, I love those childhood thoughts and want more of that simpleness. And I so agree about this wonderful garden. xo

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