Being Loving vs Being Honest

Being Loving vs Being Honest

I wouldn’t commit myself to living love…I would commit myself to being honest, I AM, WE ARE LOVE…that won’t change…the reason we don’t experience more of this LOVE that WE ARE is because we have been taught not to be honest… Our entire society revolves around dishonesty.

When we commit to loving then that means all else comes second, but what if we don’t feel like being loving or want to do whatever loving seems to demand. When we continue on determined to love we become false and sacrificial and when we do this we deny the very stream of LOVE that flows through us.

Being kind and generous are wonderful things that feel good to the giver and the receiver. But when done because of a sense of duty instead of freely…well now we have crossed into manipulation and control. Here’s the test, if you give and give and give and don’t feel appreciated and valued for what you have given, but feel angry and hurt when others don’t respond as you desired/expected…you are doing things so that others will value and love you.

Maturity means getting others out of the equation of your value and loving yourself enough to be honest, about how you feel and about what you want.

I am not wanting to be a good person, I worked on that for many years. I am wanting freedom, enlightenment and joy. And I speak to those who desire the same and most likely infuriate those who don’t.


  1. Anne,
    Thank you for sharing from your heart.
    Much love,

  2. my pleasure Victorea, thank you for enjoying the sharing, much love back…

  3. Absolutely amazing! Love your insight!!!!

  4. thank you Renee, love you!!!

  5. Very well spoken…

  6. thank you my Anna, you are so dear to me…

  7. Beautifully expressed wisdom from a beautiful soul!

  8. ah, thank you so much Karen, I appreciate you too!

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