Addictions….Oh My!

It's time to change the way we see addictions - or what we call addictions. Nobody will argue that life can be hard, even nasty. And here we are with all kinds of ways to soothe ourselves and cope with that. Some people come forward and grow … [Read more...]

Tidings of Comfort and Joy – A Radical Look at Addicitions

When I was a small child I had a soft blanket I carried around and comforted myself with. As I recall at age 6 or maybe a little earlier, the blanket began to get smaller and disappear. Not sure if this was a plan of my parents to get rid of the … [Read more...]


This is a response to a question about addictions from a dear friend.... We are human beings and that means creatures of habit. It is your concern over your habits that creates the bind. It isn't ever what we do it is our thoughts about what … [Read more...]

Healthy Beautiful Bodies – Part 2

This Post is the second part of two. Find the first part here Healthy Beautiful Bodies - Part 1. I used to think about being more healthy but I could never see how in the world it could ever happen given my state at the time. And when I really … [Read more...]

Healthy Beautiful Bodies – Part 1

This is a sharing of what works for me.  A former yo yo dieter, this is how I have learned to apply spiritual principles to every day life and enjoy food and my body. I wanted to lose weight, yes, but I also wanted... To feel young To look … [Read more...]