I have all kinds of emotions..From fear to anger to great love. And this is what I have noticed...as I allow them, my emotions, and sit with them when they need me...I see things in new ways. It is as if the emotion has wisdom and understanding that … [Read more...]

I’m Not Who I Thought I Was

It used to be like this... I am doing this or that.. I did this or that... I will do this or that... I own this or that... I created this or that... How will I ever be able to do this or that... Now, there is coming an … [Read more...]

Inviting My Child To Come Back

I remember being three and having a blanket I loved and carried around....I remember loving my mothers arms as she held me...and I imagine that I loved everybody and my toys....as I grew up I moved away from her and her innocence and her trust and … [Read more...]

Oneness And Trust

If we are all One Being... and in the physical we are each very different and in the mental area we are each unique and individual and very different why not listen to the non-physical for our information on every subject? It would be like … [Read more...]


There's a neighborhood in Round Rock we like to drive through, it's kind of rural in feel with big lots and trees.  The really cool part is that there are deer sitting and standing in the yards.  They are so gentle, just there, being... As I lay … [Read more...]

The End of the Static Will Come

My mind seems to get dumped upside down and nothing matches - nothing fits. As I assess my motives and desires I find that I'm trying to be right and valuable. And I know that it's not possible to be wrong and that nothing can make me more … [Read more...]

Respect And Enlightenment

The journey of enlightenment is a journey of many levels and many understandings, as you may or may not personally know, according to your level of awareness. Recently the idea of respect brought itself around with new understandings. If you … [Read more...]

Everything And The Flow

Everything is part of the flow... Desires, feelings, thoughts, actions, values All Part of the Flow. Loss, sadness, joy, ownership, love, hate, anxiety All Part of the Flow. Spouses, jobs, creating, motherhood and fatherhood, holidays, … [Read more...]

Peace and Renewal

At this point in my life I have a lot of systems in place, ways of taking care of myself and my life. And I love those systems they give me great peace. Until recently I was usually against things that snagged up or interrupted my systems. But … [Read more...]

My Awesome Experience January 2013

On Saturday, December 29th, while still telling our Christmas guests goodbye, Ken and I both came down with the Flu. Ken was real sick, real fast and he stayed sick until Thursday, January 3rd. when he began to feel better and better. Slowly though, … [Read more...]