The Power of the Night Sets Birdies Free

Each one together brings the life we know Pain and joy part of the flow Learning and growing Loving and yearning So much we don't know The stream, the flow, the life, the show And the inner man cries, Let go, let go, let go Great fear … [Read more...]

Somebody to Listen – How To

We live in a very masculine society. What I mean when I say that is this, there's great value placed on thinking and doing and not so much on feeling and listening. Now, please understand, thinking and doing are both important and valuable aspects of … [Read more...]


There's a neighborhood in Round Rock we like to drive through, it's kind of rural in feel with big lots and trees.  The really cool part is that there are deer sitting and standing in the yards.  They are so gentle, just there, being... As I lay … [Read more...]

Monsters in the Closet

Think of a small child lying in bed, terrified of the monster in the closet, he calls out to his Dad for help. Dad yells back, "it's not real, go back to sleep". My Dad didn't know how to help me find a way to look at things so that they weren't so … [Read more...]