Another Way to Look at Our Ego

About the ego, if we could just understand that the voice we call the ego is a distortion of our voice that has come about as a result of our lack of attention to it.  Kind of like what happens to a little child if they are not given proper … [Read more...]

Somebody to Listen – How To

We live in a very masculine society. What I mean when I say that is this, there's great value placed on thinking and doing and not so much on feeling and listening. Now, please understand, thinking and doing are both important and valuable aspects of … [Read more...]

Relinquishing Control

Not requiring anything to be a certain way.  Realizing and enjoying the flow. Here's a secret... Ask yourself what you want and follow the voice that answers, it is the flow, and when you let go (little by little until you realize freedom) and … [Read more...]

Finding The Blind Spots

Projection is something we all do. What I want to share here is this.... It is much easier to see ourselves in others. This is because we all have blind spots. Parts of our personalities that we barely perceive. I have found so many of my own … [Read more...]

What Do You Want?

What do you want? I mean it, what do you want? Not some great big vision, some of you may have a great big vision. But I talk to a lot of people who answer this question with 'I don't know.' And here is the answer that has worked for me.... Begin … [Read more...]

Give it a Quarter Turn

I remember seeing a lady on The Wisdom Channel, back when I lived in Dallas, I'm sorry I can't remember her name.  I do remember what she had to say. It was this.  "Give it a Quarter Turn".  She was talking about looking at things in a new way.  … [Read more...]