Taking My Own Beautiful Medicine

As I move along though this experience I come across others who are in pain. When they want my help I always tell them the same thing...Feel it and new understanding will come. I know of this because Life has shown me in my own life. This past … [Read more...]

Feel The Energy Flowing

Sometimes I just feel so much energy flowing through me, and I know that means new understandings and new experiences. I used to call this fear and anger, but now I understand it is just the energy I call for as my desires surface. It is generally … [Read more...]

And Life Takes The Reigns

And Life takes the reigns, well, that's not really correct, Life always has had and always will have the reigns. It's so funny to me how we, all of us, think we are individually causing something, when nothing could be further from the truth. I trust … [Read more...]

Why Do I Struggle With Loving Myself?

For my daughter(s)... My mom was one of the youngest of 9 children, her father was poor and mean.  He'd line the kids up and the first one who laughed got a spanking.  Her mom died at the age of 40.  So, my mother grew up without the support … [Read more...]

The Connected Mind

When connected to the heart the mind is quiet, only aroused by desire and love.  Then, when aroused by what is wanted, the connected mind creates the blueprint and from that information the Universe yields. You have a heart, a voice, a desire, a … [Read more...]

There is a Place

There is a place we can come to, Call it home if you like, Call it joy or love or peace. A place that needs no trying because It envelops and disolves and penetrates and perpetuates itself effortlessly. It calls to us while we sleep in … [Read more...]

Another Way to Look at Our Ego

About the ego, if we could just understand that the voice we call the ego is a distortion of our voice that has come about as a result of our lack of attention to it.  Kind of like what happens to a little child if they are not given proper … [Read more...]

Inviting My Child To Come Back

I remember being three and having a blanket I loved and carried around....I remember loving my mothers arms as she held me...and I imagine that I loved everybody and my toys....as I grew up I moved away from her and her innocence and her trust and … [Read more...]


Appreciation and Amusement from observation of my I. I.... That part of all of me who desires, and loves, and enjoys and flows. I.... That part that figures and struggles and tries. I.... That part of me that wonders about things and is … [Read more...]

Teachers – Great Ones

The greatest teachers Are the ones who point you Toward your own heart.... … [Read more...]