Learning to Listen

Life keeps bringing me back to this one. When we lived at the beach a few years ago it started.  The impulse to stop and listen, to listen while i work, to listen...  at that point it was more of a turning off of the mind for a few moments or … [Read more...]


A friend asked me how I see the difference between un-attachment and de-tachment  and have I attained un-attachment................ Personally I like the word un-attached because it still means part of ....and yet...free from attachment … [Read more...]

We Need Our Anger

Most people today would say anger is dangerous, or anger is to be checked, or controlled. What if we, each one, within ourselves, allowed our own anger, and felt it and owned it? I see so many people who would benefit greatly by allowing … [Read more...]

The Desire to Love

Why do you think we have such a desire to love and be loved? I think it's because Love is who we are. When we judge every thing as good or bad, we forget who we are, but the longing to know ourselves survives and looks like a desire to love and to be … [Read more...]

Who Are You?

If we will sit each day and ask ourselves "who are you?" the answers will come.  Trust and desire are needed, but that is all.  Do you have that, will you ask? When I was a kid my parents asked me to do all kinds of things for them.  But, they … [Read more...]

How I Let Go of Guilt

Guilt is something I have worked on my whole life, but when my children grew up and I really started to understand some things from a new perspective, I had very painful bouts with guilt for not being a more loving mother. These are some of the … [Read more...]

Anger, a Valuable Emotion

I have found anger to be a very beneficial emotion. It helps me to get past my teachings from my parents. Of course like most parents they taught me to do what they wanted instead of what i want. They taught me to follow the outer voices in my world … [Read more...]


Listen for the sound of your voice. How?, you ask... Wait and breathe... feel whatever is there... enjoy what you love... stop and ask questions... wait for it... trust... Listen to your own voice. It is there waiting, it always has been. … [Read more...]