Trust In Life, Let Go, Let Go

Life created the earth and sky And put us here to try and try Until we realize and then we cry And open to the fact that we don't know And trust in Life to run the show Whatever it is we trust and grow Because it's true that Life does … [Read more...]

My Renee

A spark A tear A bird on the breeze The light of the world Come to be my love Come to me my love Awakened from your sleep Arising from your slumber Know yourself and fly sweet bird Stepping out of the bond Letting go of the … [Read more...]

Oh For The Love Of Hands

Hands, beautiful hands Hands to hold Hands to caress and tenderly love Hands folded in prayer Hands covering the heart in allegiance Hands to clap for joy Hands to carry Hands to create Hands to give and to receive Hands to … [Read more...]

There is a Place

There is a place we can come to, Call it home if you like, Call it joy or love or peace. A place that needs no trying because It envelops and disolves and penetrates and perpetuates itself effortlessly. It calls to us while we sleep in … [Read more...]

My Unknown Heart

I am here my love Aware of your calling. Turning to the call of your voice, The whisper of your love. Unknown in the darkness You engulf me with your presence. Your wide and beautiful wings You close around me. And give me strength and … [Read more...]

My Trembling Heart

Unsure and unclear And waiting for answers Move ahead and trust And you will see The waves to part And the sea to free Be open to me and Comfort and hold Your heart in your hand With caresses unfold. … [Read more...]

My Friend Job

When my life is in pain and I see no way out My thoughts go to Job, something he knew about Job endured loss yet courageously held to his faith and his trust Not choosing to think that his fate was unjust Poor Job, as he sat in his sack cloth … [Read more...]

Free To Be A Tree

What of a tree? You ask , and rightly so. There they stand so great and true. Could there be something that they know? The courage to stand and value themselves In whatever spot they happen to grow. Just as they are, without one word. No … [Read more...]

The Power of the Night Sets Birdies Free

Each one together brings the life we know Pain and joy part of the flow Learning and growing Loving and yearning So much we don't know The stream, the flow, the life, the show And the inner man cries, Let go, let go, let go Great fear … [Read more...]

A Magical Place

a magical place....of quiet ...listen if you will to the place with no words ...wait for the One who lives in the quiet. great are the awarenesses gentle are the caresses. Wait and know... empty and refresh... surrender and have … [Read more...]