Duality Made Simple


I was married to a Gestalt Therapist for 9 years (until he left the planet). Charles Griffith taught me many things…one of them was about duality. There is no great mystery. Duality is just a split or a division, like up and down. This environment is dependent on duality, without it we would not exist here. When working to heal or integrate our personal dualities it is a simple thing.

What is necessary for integration is awareness.

When a personality is split (duality) that means one side is in the light, wanted and valued and one part is in the dark, pushed aside and judged as unwanted.

When we become aware of the unwanted part that lives in the shadows and we let that part up and allow it to be, we have automatic and real integration.

So in my split:


Smart was what my mother and all my teachers valued so I identified with smart and stupid became unwanted and went into the shadows, that is what others were, not me I was smart. I became aware of how many stupid things I’ve done in my life, right up to the now still doing stupid things…so I let that part up…my stupid side out of the shadows and gave it value. I integrate, and now both parts are valuable and usable and just me.

And I have a brand new awareness, that smart and stupid are both judgments and the One has a way of using everything to move us forward in the dance of life. I don’t know what the One is up to here and what may be used for what or how my stupidity on a subject might be just what is needed. Now I can see from the perspective of the One.

So read about Finding the Blind Spots and Emotions and other posts here and follow along as I teach how to become more aware of yourself and the parts of you that reside in the shadows. And as you become aware that these parts exist and you choose to allow and acknowledge them – they will automatically integrate and you will become whole again.

With much love,

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