I have all kinds of emotions..From fear to anger to great love. And this is what I have noticed…as I allow them, my emotions, and sit with them when they need me…I see things in new ways. It is as if the emotion has wisdom and understanding that it shares when I am willing to give it my attention. Also, the really painful ones like guilt and jealousy have almost, if not completely disappeared.

I can still go the range of fear to anger to love and do each time I come to a new opportunity to mature. I know it is time because the feelings are present and calling me. It is much easier now that I can see what is happening.

When I feel fear I know that there is something I am wanting that I am not a match to.
When I feel anger I know that new energy is being released within me and I am becoming stronger.
When I feel love and appreciation I enjoy.

So I move through my natural emotions, subject by subject as needed, allowing new ways to see myself and my world (same thing). And I trust that the One knows the way and more and more from this perspective I become completely devoted to Life as it unfolds before me.


  1. Anne……I just read several of your latest blogs this glorious Sunday morning. Thank you so much for sharing your most intimate life journey through the transformations. Wow! Such wisdom and inspiration from a beautiful and precious Soul. Love to you.

  2. Hi Melba, thank you dear, I appreciate you! I love you back.

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