Everything And The Flow

Everything is part of the flow…
Desires, feelings, thoughts, actions, values
All Part of the Flow.

Loss, sadness, joy, ownership, love, hate, anxiety
All Part of the Flow.

Spouses, jobs, creating, motherhood and fatherhood, holidays, birthdays
All Part of the Flow.

All that is, is within the flow.
What we hate and what we love is in the flow.
What makes us crazy and what makes us smile are in the flow…

We are a part of that flow, only separated by our view of our world. Everything works together. If we observe nature we can see this and if we look at our bodies we can see this.

It is possible to view all of Life together working harmoniously, gently and expectantly. Fresh daily, renewed by the night, ready and eager. The pain is a necessary part of Life and since there is One of us here, that one in pain is me, as surely as I am me. It is possible to trust and allow and find beauty within all things Life brings. Everything is necessary, all fighting stops and trust and following and joy pervade everything.

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