Fear of Death

Fear of DeathFear of death isn’t what we think it is, and we think it is many things.

Fear of death is really fear of letting go of the identity we have created.

That’s what we are letting go of when we ‘let go’ in our spiritual work.

We let go of that identity more and more, a little here and some there, always guided by spirit.

Eventually we come to understand more and more who we really are.

We are really that which can never die, that which creates everything out of itself. Oneness.

The fear of death looses it’s grip as we take each step, ever further along the path of letting go of our temporary identity and ever moving more and more into knowing* who we are.

*Knowing (practical knowledge not theoretical).




  1. I don’t so much have a fear of crossing over. I have a fear of thinking about the process. I fear doctors. I fear receiving bad news from them. The thought of it, brings much anxiety. Thank you for your honest comment…
    Katrinka´s last blog post ..Somebody to Listen – How To

  2. Yes, Katrinka we all do, until we trust Life to help us deal with it…my way out has been to trust and feel dear….

  3. Fear of death = fear of letting go.

    Renee´s last blog post ..Enough

  4. thank you Renee, yes, letting go little by little, we come to new Life…dead people don’t worry or fear or care! love you….

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