Feel The Energy Flowing

Sometimes I just feel so much energy flowing through me, and I know that means new understandings and new experiences. I used to call this fear and anger, but now I understand it is just the energy I call for as my desires surface. It is generally somewhat uncomfortable, but so wanted.

Before I understood what was happening, I still had all the emotion, but was very overwhelmed with it most days. I thought I was having the fear and anger because I had done something wrong or that something bad might happen. These thoughts just made me feel even worse. And all I wanted was for the uncomfortable feelings to GO AWAY!

Understanding things in a way that makes me ok and the emotion valuable creates a space where I can allow the energy to flow. What I do is give my attention to the emotion/energy as though it were my very best friend. As I go about my day I feel, I make time to sit and feel, I feel when I walk and when I clean and even when I watch a movie. I love to feel, I know this is me, as much or more than any other part of me is me and I want it, all of me!

And every time the energy comes, which is often and that’s the way I want it, new understandings and new ways to see and do things come rolling in to me. And I move forward, and those things I want to experience in my life come to me easily and without effort.

So, if I were your teacher, which would be my honor, I would constantly be asking you, What Are You Feeling? and then I would say, Feel It! It is Your Friend! And you would come to trust your feelings and you too would find new and wonderful ways to see life and you too would get all that you desire.

with much love,


  1. I count myself as one of the lucky ones to have you as my mentor and Spiritual Mother. You have such wonderful ways with putting things together in a way that makes sense to me – and I have not even thought about a lot of the ways you have helped me sort through as being a hard way to live. Once we connected, you helped me to see it is not really that hard – Life is work, yes, but it is also a glorious experience and it is especially brighter with people like you in it.
    Renee´s last blog post ..From the Ashes

  2. Thank you my sweet Renee, Life is so good to us, and we have so much to be thankful for. It is my honor and pleasure to watch you as you come to see how glorious and wonderful it all so is….I love you too!

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