Finding "I Don’t Know"


When I come to a place where try as I may, I cannot find a thought that makes sense and my emotions are becoming more and more stirred up….here is what I do…

First I find a quiet place. Then I spend a couple of minutes relaxing and feeling my emotions and looking away from my confused thoughts. If my mind takes over, I just gently bring it back to the awareness of how I feel.

Next I take my notebook and pen and on a clean sheet at the top I write a title naming the issue, a few words will do. Then I allow my mind to flow with all the different thoughts on the subject. And as fast as they come to me, I just write them down…I keep writing until I can’t think of anything more on this subject and every angle and every argument is on the page. Now I remove the page from my notebook, write the word Garbage on it, wad it up and put it in it’s proper place (the trash).

This way I can see that I really don’t know. This is where I want to come to…the realization that I don’t know is key to moving forward here.

It is time for some new thoughts. There is only one way I know of to get new thoughts and that is to trust the One. New thoughts come to me in all kinds of ways, some directly as I feel and some from other people and movies, you can get them from books or other writings. I don’t go looking for the answer, I allow it to come.  I know the answer when it comes because it feels good and it makes perfect sense.

Sometimes I sit and feel some more, but if one of the old thoughts comes back now I know it won’t help me so I gently let it go and wait and feel. Or I get up and go about my day…and when this subject comes up… I remember that I don’t know the answer and that I am trusting to know.

When I do this, realize that I don’t know and trust…the answers show up, clarity comes, the clouds part and I see from a different viewpoint. And I know it was a gift to me from that part of me that does know.

This has worked for me so many times. The One knows, Anne doesn’t, so she matures and waits for the One to lead.

With love,

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  1. Kiran Rai says

    So true, we have got to learn to trust … be patient and allow the anwer to come to you. You have done your bit, which has not worked, now rest in the knowledge that there is Some One else who knows whats best. Either we drive or He drives… 🙂

  2. Yes Kiran, we come to a place where we let go of control and allow Life to be as it is…thank you dear…

  3. This is a wonderful sharing. I have to try it myself.

    Thanks for sharing, Anne.

  4. Thank you Rizal, blessings dear friend.

  5. Thanks, Anne for the insights….This sounds like a great technique, and I think I will endeavour to try it soon, very soon….I find it hard to let all the worry go and trust in Spirit, I visualise myself cutting the ties with it all, but still, there must be some vestiges left, as I know I am still a bit stressed, my body tells me so. This is the perfect way to do this, I just never thought of it before, Thanls so much…
    Love & Light
    Sylvia xxxx

  6. Hi Sylvia, this has helped me so many times in the past. It is a powerful way to convince myself that i truly don’t know on one subject after another. And that is a powerful place to be. My love, Anne

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