There’s a neighborhood in Round Rock we like to drive through, it’s kind of rural in feel with big lots and trees.  The really cool part is that there are deer sitting and standing in the yards.  They are so gentle, just there, being…

As I lay in bed, not sleeping, a while ago, I began to understand why it is so important to be gentle with ourselves first and with everybody and everything else too.  This world is very invasive, from telling us what to do and think, to forcing itself on us in ways we don’t like.

When we were children we had things forced on us, like foods we didn’t like, and clothes we didn’t want to wear and school and ideas, and things to do and not do.  Some children, many, had more than that forced on them.  Some had private space’s invaded and physical and emotional abuse.

Everybody needs their space and everybody deserves to be respected.  Even if we had the best of childhoods we still have to deal with the bombardment of opinions that come to us every day.  Television, radio, magazines, neighbors, coworkers, friends, all have opinions they want to push on us, and many times with no gentleness, but with shame and guilt.

Gentleness is such a refreshing way.  It offers respect to self and others.  It doesn’t take things for granted, like she will love me no matter what, or who cares about you.  It is more easy and slow and patient.  You know how it feels to be gentle.  It’s wonderful, and it’s healing.

Let us be gentle with ourselves and then our environment, like we would a beloved child…



  1. I love this~ even the very word ‘gentle’ puts me at ease.
    So loved spending time with you. You are a gem and a gift!
    Renee´s last blog post ..Enough

  2. Hi Renee, isn’t it funny how words carry such power for us… I love our time together too dear… thank you for your sweet love…

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