Healthy Beautiful Bodies – Part 1


This is a sharing of what works for me.  A former yo yo dieter, this is how I have learned to apply spiritual principles to every day life and enjoy food and my body.

I wanted to lose weight, yes, but I also wanted…
To feel young
To look young
To enjoy the energy of a healthy body
To see my muscle tone improve
To forget my age and enjoy my body
To enjoy foods that make me strong

This is the very first step and the foundation that all the others are totally dependent on. Every day I remembered that I didn’t know the answers to why I was still caught in this trap that try as I may I was never able to get out of. And I remembered that the greater part of me does know the answers and that part is highly able to help me gain clarity and to see things differently.

Every day, every day when the painful thoughts came about food or my clothes or the reflection in the mirror, I reminded myself that I was letting go and trusting. I didn’t try to change anything I just allowed myself to be and I remembered that help was on the way.

Then I had an idea. My thing has been – if i am not a size I want to be I shouldn’t buy pretty clothes. I should just get by until I loose weight.

I have always wanted pretty clothes that I felt looked good on me. So I allowed myself to buy a few new, pretty items. Something in my size that was a style and color I liked.

I find that the more I open to love myself, the more I allow myself to have what I want, the happier and more joyful I am. I don’t think it’s the having as much as it is allowing my desires to be without judgment…that is love.

I also want to feel beautiful. Like how a loving father sees his children. So I began to use my mirror time to find the parts of me that are lovely, for you it could be your nails, your lips, your dimples, the color or texture of your hair (even if it is treated) the way you look when you smile, your teeth, your eyebrows, your ears, the way your earrings look, your skin, your cheek bones, your feet, clothes, legs, breasts, find some things that are beautiful and focus on those, notice them and look at them and enjoy them.

And I also decided this…That I wouldn’t go around the house looking bad.  If I looked in the mirror and I noticed I looked terrible, I stopped as soon as possible and took care of myself.  I take care of the house, the yard, the pets, my blogs, my mate, and, and, and…

I put myself at the top of the list. I became important to myself.

To see what happened next, see Healthy Beautiful Bodies Part 2.


  1. This is a pretty lenghty post, indeed.

    I love the sentence “allowing my desires to be without judgment… that is love.”

    Very nice… it is, very often, forgotten, and hence is a great reminder.

    In gassho.


  2. Dear Rizal, I have decided to add some more to this post and make a part 2. It was a little long. Thank you for the kind words and for the lovely visit. Many blessings my dear friend.

  3. Love this … i so relate to every word and i feel those feelings. I love you and you are so gorgeous. In so many ways.

  4. thank you Renee, I feel the very same way about you sweet friend.

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