Healthy Beautiful Bodies – Part 2

BalanceThis Post is the second part of two. Find the first part here Healthy Beautiful Bodies – Part 1.

I used to think about being more healthy but I could never see how in the world it could ever happen given my state at the time. And when I really began to concentrate on allowing myself to be and trust and remember that I am allowing and trusting when the subject came up, I stopped a lot of the non-sense that went on in my mind.

The next idea I had came like this…

Ken, my husband, who builds websites, was telling me about a new friend who is a personal trainer.  As we were talking I happened to ask if the new friend needed a website.  Ken said he didn’t know.  Ken went back to his office and I went back to washing dishes.  Then it hit me…what if Ken and the personal trainer traded website work for personal training?  At first I was excited by the thought and then a little scared and then excited. When Ken asked, he said yes and now we have a personal trainer, something I have wanted for a long, long time.

It took about a month of working out twice a week before my eating started to come into balance.  What I wanted to eat started to change, I become more motivated, I actually wanted to eat less, a lot less.  It just happened in front of me and I stepped in.

Some time has passed now and both of us are stronger, both healthier, both feeling way better.  Besides getting what I knew I wanted…I have a healthier husband and we have made a wonderful new friend in our trainer.

So…when I stopped trying and let go, ideas began to come to me – new ideas that felt good and made sense and as I implemented them they felt good and make sense and I was motivated and little by little without trying the boat turned and balance was restored.

I share this with love in the hope that another can find some benefit from my words.
Love, Anne

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