Resting in a Perfect World

TrustingThere is nothing you need to change about yourself.  There is nothing you have done wrong.  There is nothing to be guilty about.  You are…just as you are…a perfect creation.  Created from non-physical.  You know, that part of you that isn’t physical.  I know this because I know that all is well just as it is and you and I are a part of what is.

Don’t believe me.  Just look in a babies eyes.  They are wide and innocent and deep with the knowledge that they are loved.  Even if their circumstances say different.  Or look in the eyes of your pet cat or dog.  They know that all is well, no matter what.  Go outside and look at the trees and the grass and the sky, they witness everything that goes on here and still they are not moved by any of it.  They carry the knowing that all is well.

You can carry that knowing too.  The knowing deep down that everything is as it should be and that there is a greater non-physical presence that has a firm grasp on everything here.  That which knows so much more than you and I could ever know.

That is an interesting thought, that maybe we don’t know everything.  That there is a consciousness that does know.  And we can rest in the peace of not knowing.

May the peace of Life hold you fast and may you let go of your knowing so that you might rest in peace, even while you are still focused here.

I love you,

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