How I Let Go of Guilt

Guilt is something I have worked on my whole life, but when my children grew up and I really started to understand some things from a new perspective, I had very painful bouts with guilt for not being a more loving mother.

These are some of the ideas that I worked with and as I began to believe them, have finally freed me from my pain….

I thought about my mother and her mother and her mother and I realized we were each handed a set of values when we arrived here by our parents. These values we hand down are all we know….So, perfect Oneness came here and was stamped with Anne, a set of ideas, these programs were all I knew. And like everybody else here I was doing the best I could.

Each one who comes here has some kind of directive from nonphysical and I personally was called upon by each of my children, in some way I was and am a match to what they are up to.

This not only takes me off the hook, it makes my mother innocent as well, and all the mothers forward and back as far as I can perceive.

We are all really innocent here. Just life eagerly wanting to come here to experience the beauty of earth another time. We are perfect beings in every way just having this experience.

All is well, in every circumstance, there is a Divine way in control here. No matter what it looks like to my mind.

So either I give up my old beliefs, or I don’t really trust what the One is up to here.

And I built new views for myself and I felt and cried and healed.

And one last thing, who better to teach (by example mostly) someone a new way than the one who taught the old way, the mother.

Oh, and this…If I am guilty there must be something wrong with my children…and that’s just not true!!! They are Divinity walking the earth with a body and feelings and thoughts…still just as perfect and innocent as ever.

I made it my work to find thoughts that relieved me of my suffering…it doesn’t matter if what I believe doesn’t match what you believe, it is a map for my mind that brought me to freedom. I encourage you to find thoughts that bring you out of suffering too.



  1. Anne, great blog post and congratulations to you for relieving yourself from suffering. I learned yesterday there are other mothers who have guilt and suffer from it very deeply. Congratulations to YOU!!
    Much Love.

  2. Hi Rhonda, thank you, and for the confirmation…I was thinking there are others who could benefit from this. Blessings dear friend.

  3. Great post, Anne. Reminds me of a couple of old quotes that i live my Life by:
    “For ALL that has ever been, I say Thank You, and for all that ever will be, I say Yes”.

    “If the only prayer you ever say is ‘Thank-You’, that is enough”

  4. Thank you Sandy, these words you share are so beautiful…my teacher Abraham-Hicks says…appreciation is the key to life. And I have found so much truth here. Thank you dear, much love here for you.

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