"I"Appreciation and Amusement from
observation of my I.

I…. That part of all of me who desires, and loves, and enjoys and flows.

I…. That part that figures and struggles and tries.

I…. That part of me that wonders about things and is curious and even afraid sometimes.

I…. The part of me that loves and is amused by this writing.

I…. An important part who is greatly valued.

I…. That part with understanding and compassion that comes from personal experience with pain.

I…. That part that loves and allows and flows.

I…. My love…


  1. Just gorgeous. Absolute love.

    And I love the design changes 🙂
    Renee´s last blog post ..Enough

  2. Hi Renee, not just everybody gets this one…:)….not surprised you did though! 🙂 Thank you love….

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