If We Were Not Scared To Tell The Truth

If We Weren't Scared To Tell The Truth

If we were not scared to tell the truth we would know ourselves better and we would know each other better.  We’d ask for what we want and get it.  We would heal every issue because we would hear ourselves and trust ourselves.

It’s hard to trust someone who doesn’t tell the truth.

What are you afraid to be truthful about?  Not that we have to broadcast our truth…but there are times when we need to speak-up and share our truth in our intimate relationships.  And we ALWAYS need to be truthful with ourselves.

We are One, We are Love.  Our truth has value.

Speaking our truth takes courage and faith and brings peace.  Speaking our truth creates trust.

What feelings do these words stir in your gut?

Stop now…

And just feel those feelings, they will tell you how near you are to your truth.  Feeling terrible? not so close.  Feeling great? very close.  Somewhere in the middle?

It’s ok whatever you feel.

We’ve been sold down the river when it comes to our feelings.  They are sacred gifts, indicators that new understanding is ready to come forth.

If we can change our attitude toward our feelings and begin to allow and appreciate them; then, we can receive the gift of clearer understanding.

There is a reason we feel the way we feel about the truth.  We learned to feel safe with the truth to the degree our parents valued the truth.

It’s scary to break out of the ruts in our minds taught by parents and sustained by society.

First comes the desire to be truthful, then love of the truth, then ideas and clarity so we know how and when to tell our truth and then the awesome experience of honesty.

What path are you on?


  1. Always, always such absolute wisdom coming forth with every single word. I will have to read this a couple of times to fully learn what Life has for me in these words. I love/adore/admire/respect you so much.
    Renee´s last blog post ..** Pearls of Wisdom ** Project Share with a BONUS (part 1!) with Lyn!

  2. thank you Renee, for your love dear, I love you too!

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