Integrity, Honesty and Sharing

The day has come for me to step out
and share what has been coming to me.

I bow my head and know
the information and love and vibration
offered is valuable.
Life changing.

I extend my hand as one sharing.
Leaving all desire for personal gain behind
and opening to allow the One to shine forth.

Not knowing how things will unfold,
trusting the outcome to the One.

Releasing the ego from any obligation,
I look to the One, for all.

Knowing there will never be any disappointment.


  1. Thanks for stepping out! I love the verse format of your posts. It’s fun to read it that way. Then, there’s a “between the lines” feeling that inspires me to fill in and commune with you!

    In joy,

  2. Thank you so much Regina, yes, there is always so much I don’t say, amazing you commented on that. I love your movement toward me. It makes me feel loved, like you are an angel sent to me from love itself. Loving blessings of joy and delight to you my sweet friend.

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