Inviting My Child To Come Back

Anne Partain

I remember being three and having a blanket I loved and carried around….I remember loving my mothers arms as she held me…and I imagine that I loved everybody and my toys….as I grew up I moved away from her and her innocence and her trust and allowing and her love…now I am regaining that beautiful part of myself…. how am i doing asking her to come back, by realizing that through the years I was taught to let her go, to put her away. After all she can’t hold down a job or be a ‘profitable’ part of our society.

I bought in, what else could I do, I also got rid of my 4 year old me and 5 year old me and 6, 7, 8 and 9 year old me. I have asked all of those parts of me to come back, and I really meant it. I want all of me. There’s nobody here now that is bigger or in control who can keep those beautiful parts away. It is completely up to me and without knowing exactly what I am asking for, because I haven’t known these parts for so long, I ask and I desire and I trust.

It has been now three days since my three year old part showed up in my meditation/contemplation time. And I asked her to come back. I am experiencing myself in a different way, more me and less others. More enjoyment of small things and more love and compassion for others and lot more play (those things we do just because we want to).

I remember her (my child self) and I love her and she comes forward from the shadows and enlivens me. And when I am unsure about something, I listen for her response and she is there….

I am sure there are still many more child parts that will come forward as I ask and trust….



  1. My little girl is needing a lot of compassion right now. I am working to give that to her.

    When I was little, I had a stuffed rabbit my Dad gave me ~ Snowball ~ To this day I still have it, though she has had numerous surgeries ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Renee´s last blog post ..And Life Is, Was and Will Be

  2. There’s no better place to focus loving attention than on our own Self, we heal, and we do as we love ourselves, then we grow up and full grown Love is so amazingly powerful! Snowball ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo

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