Learning to Listen

Life keeps bringing me back to this one.

Learning to Listen

When we lived at the beach a few years ago it started.  The impulse to stop and listen, to listen while i work, to listen…  at that point it was more of a turning off of the mind for a few moments or minutes…

And more recently i have had more awareness around this.  Listening is about opening, i imagine my chest open and i feel whatever feeling accompanies that opening.

And just in the past few days i am realizing that listening comes from my whole being, it again is about being open and allowing.  I listen to the day, i listen to those i am around, i listen to my furry friends, i listen to my own voice, and it tells me i am loved and accepted and ok, just as i am.  and it tells me that everyone is ok just the way they are.  And when thoughts come that accuse me or someone else, there is always another thought to hear, one of understanding and accepting and trusting.

Listening requires faith, because we must give up the mind for the time we are listening.  Listening to the unknown, that inner you.  By listening we get to know Life, and we become at rest with all that is.  We start out following the impulses and then we realize Life is listening through us…

I continue to open to listening…

Much love,

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