Letting Go of Anne


As I’ve traveled along the path of waking up, I’ve let go of people, worries, fears, cares, concerns, self doubt, self hate and all of that was letting go of Anne.

But, in the last several weeks there has been some letting go of some basic ideas I’ve always held about myself. I am the little girl that wasn’t wanted by the father. It wasn’t personal, he just didn’t want kids at all. I’ve always seen myself as partially unloved and unwanted and I clearly saw the connection of this and why I have had the problems I’ve had all my life. I’ve been a fighter and created my life with this view.

I saw it clearly – one day while working with my emotions and thoughts in my quiet place. I saw it…I’ve been fighting for this unloved part. I created a whole life with this person in the center, always wanting to be loved but never really feeling it. And I created a way for this…I would love others, sometimes sacrificially, I would give and share and help…but then I expected and wanted to be loved back and when that rarely happened, because my mask was the partially unloved, I would get angry because they did it wrong. As I remembered this faces and situations flashed by and I could see that I have recreated the situation over and over with people all my life.

I also realized that nothing was ever about anybody but me. Except my parents who gave me the world view I had. And I can see clearly now that they were just handing down who they were taught that they were by their parents. Just as I did with my children.

We all feel wronged in some way, until we see from the point of view of the One, and we all create a personality that reflects this.

So, as a result of seeing my personal life long view of myself and the decisions that followed…I am able to re-decide…Anne, the person I created in my confusion is let go of, the core decision I made as a result of the particular message of my environment has been changed and with it the person I’ve always thought I was.

As with each awareness and letting go, letting go of this reveals a new, open, unhurried, much less effected by my environment, being, a me that is more quiet and connected.

Now my love is honestly given without expectation of return….I don’t need it, I love myself. I have been able to see myself and give up my hidden agenda. And now I open and see that many others really do love me, deeply, and law of attraction brings new sweet loving friends to me more and more.

Saying goodbye to this idea of me is not frightening from here. I feel loved now, as I have learned to love myself. No more fighting just love streaming all around me.

I trust that my sharing has value for others,
Love, Anne


  1. Thank you. My eyes just opened wider. By the way, I love you and I love me.

  2. Thank you Sue, your eyes are beautiful! I love us too sweet friend…

  3. Love is all there is!!!

  4. Hello dear Samdy, yes, it is who we all are, no matter what our conditioned eyes may see…it is so fun when the eyes become clear and we are able to see who we really are, all of us…thank you beautiful friend<3

  5. Yes, and isn’t it great that it doesn’t matter if anyone else sees It or not!!

  6. good point Sandy, when we truly fall in love with ourselves…nothing else really matters, especially what others think, or what I think for that matter….we all just are, beautiful and alive and love….nothing more is seen or matters. We just follow life as it unfolds before us. thank you dear friend, your visit and your gifts and so lovely to me and others who pass this way.

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