Life Is Supposed To Be Fun!

Life Is Supposed To Be Fun

If you are an Abraham-Hicks fan, then chances are you’ve heard these words before. I first heard them almost a decade ago when I began to listen to Abraham daily on CD. But, it has just been recently that I am waking up to what they mean in my life.

Children don’t need to be told things like, life is supposed to be fun, they naturally know they are supposed to go from one wonderful thing to the next. And they make fun out of just about anything. Stop for a moment and remember how children do it.

Awareness brings new understanding here, about this subject. Life really is supposed to be one adventure after another, one fun thing and then the next. Even going to bed can be fun when I am really ready for it, it feels so good! The change of the seasons, the holidays approaching, company coming, a night out, or a weekend trip, making something or buying something or visiting with an interesting person, fun!

Now that I have been given this startling and awesome awareness about how life is meant to be, there is a new-found permission to look around for fun and exciting things to do, feel, see, enjoy and experience. And I don’t mean some of the time, I mean all the time.

How did we get to the point where we forgot this? How did we buy into the grown-up ideas that life is hard and to be endured? For me it was always about fear. Fear that if I didn’t watch out something bad would happen. Something I didn’t want. So I needed to have a measure of control over my life.

In order to have fun, things like control and fear must be dealt with. Bravery is needed and an abandonment and trust of life must be allowed. No longer will I choose safety over fun, or security over love. All the what if’s must take a back seat. When the awareness comes the lies don’t hold any more power.

Will you join me? If, as you are reading these words, they fly in the face of your experience, will you begin to believe for your own dawning of understanding that LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!!! I promise you that if you ask and trust, you will find the freedom of small children to play and have joy.

***Please don’t find this post to be an opportunity to be guilty because you haven’t found a way to make your life fun. I didn’t say you were supposed to make life fun…did you get that, it’s not your job to make life fun. That Life is supposed to be fun, is just an awareness or a belief that changes our perception of Life. If you want to know what you can do…then here it is…start where you are with the belief you have…and trust God for more faith. I’ve been right here on so many subjects and God can and does always reach out and help my faith. with great love, Anne


  1. I love this – and life can be as fun as we make it. When living life without expectations and with abandon and living in the here and now, life’s supposed to be(s) become just be(s). Being and allowing and all that you have said brings us to what we are made for: enjoying life.
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  2. Hi Rene, thank you for the lovely thoughts you share here. Much love, xo my sweet friend!

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