Life Knows Best


Lately, the last few days, it is becoming more and more apparent that I don’t know the best way. I have come to the place of allowing on many subjects and a lot that I want is streaming into my life, (I can see it now). And at the same time Life is teaching me that the picture in my mind of how things will work is usually far from how things actually come together.

There are many areas where this truth is showing up but the greatest is me and how I am. I have had this vision of myself being a certain way and…I am still just me. I still have my boisterous side, I still have my part that says no, I still have my part that wants to understand but doesn’t quite, I am still amazed by the closed minds of others, I still have an angry side, that uses colorful language. Somehow I thought some of these parts would cease. But no, they are more alive than ever.

All I know to do is love these parts, no matter how they may seem to me. They are me, I am not the perfect, quiet, all knowing being I was expecting. And then I have the thought, ‘if I keep working I will get there’…now maybe there is coming an understanding that I don’t know what tomorrow holds or how I will be, or what other parts I will discover. And that I need these parts for wholeness.

It is as if my mind goes on tilt when Life doesn’t develop like I thought it would. This is good, I know, because it helps me see that I don’t know how Life will develop things. I trust Life because I know that all that comes is for my benefit and brings all that I want. It’s just kind of a jolt for my mind when it is so obvious that I don’t know, again in another area.

So I choose to allow myself to be as I am…with all my parts. And I choose to trust Life to know best.

Thank you Life for teaching me and finding ways to bring awareness to me.

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