Living In The Mystery of I Don’t Know

Remembering that i don’t know stops the illusion that i do.

Living in the Mystery of I Don't Know

This world is way too vast for me to know anything without the input from the unknown.  With every honest i don’t know comes opportunity for Life to wedge a new idea into the gap that is formed by the i don’t know.

True i don’t know is marked by an end to going through all thoughts on the subject and a waiting for new ways to see on the subject.  This must come from the mystery (unknown) because, i don’t know.

The who we are is a mystery.  We never know from one day to the next in what form we will show up.

We sleep while we continue to go through the garbage in our mind looking for an answer we don’t have.  Wake up and Stop looking there…………and trust.  Then you will understand.

Here is my technique for Finding I Don’t Know.


  1. This is beautiful, coming from a beautiful person! Thank you!

  2. thank you Wanda, it takes one to know one 😉

  3. Trust indeed. I love your mind.
    Renee´s last blog post ..And Life Is, Was and Will Be

  4. thank you Renee, I love you too my sweet and dear friend….

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