Monsters in the Closet

Monsters In The Closet

Think of a small child lying in bed, terrified of the monster in the closet, he calls out to his Dad for help. Dad yells back,

“it’s not real, go back to sleep”.

My Dad didn’t know how to help me find a way to look at things so that they weren’t so scary. As I have grown I have become my own nurturing father. A loving and encouraging father who helps me to see things from different perspectives.

Many of our thoughts are ghosts or monsters who haunt us continually. It is only by developing the unconditionally loving voice inside us, I like to call it the nurturing father, that we can dispel the ghosts.

The nurturing father would get up out of the chair, go into the bedroom, lovingly turn on the light and show the child that there is no monster. When this happens the mind is transformed and freed.

When I am afraid, I get to a quiet place and feel and wait for the nonphysical nurturing father to show me new ways to see. I am never disappointed, my answers always come if I feel, and listen and wait.

There is so much talk about the mind. Just remember that we must embrace so that we might let go. If we just sit in the chair and say that’s not real, we have not changed anything.

It takes time and courage to embrace our frightened child, but oh the rewards.


  1. We must embrace so that we might let go. So true.

    As many people are trapped to reject in the attempt to let go; but rejection only creates different form of attachment…

  2. Hello friend, yes there are many pitfalls along this path, but the One who leads knows the way…(i’m sure you agree) love and blessings to you dear Rizal…

  3. Incredible. I had that with my Dad
    which is why I can be like that with
    my son. 🙂
    Renee´s last blog post ..Enough

  4. If your Dad was like that, would come help you feel safe, then you are also able to do that with yourself…brilliant!!! xoxo

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