My First Day Here

My First Day Here

Today I, pure love, is pretending to have just arrived on earth. Completely without attachment of any kind. Free and mature and able to be here without becoming attached. Just to observe and enjoy.

How would I ever be able to stay? Would I need to separate herself from others in order to stay disconnected? How would I be able to maintain her freedom and joy?

I would need to be very selective. Choosing only that which feels the very best, thereby avoiding the static of the lower vibrations, and keeping the connection with herself.

Not attaching to others or things in a way that causes pain, not joining others in their feelings and behaviors that don’t feel good.

I would not be able to buy into ideas about how to love, when to love, where to love, you should love, what love is, how we ought to love, etc. I would need to follow I’s connection with herself, remembering that she is pure love. I would do that by choosing only what feels the best to her.


  1. So so beautiful …. I love the way I feel when reading, listening or feeling your words and touch. Simply … gorgeous.

  2. Isn’t it so divine how Life puts people together to love each other. You could say these words were written just for us…. thank you my love…

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