My Friend Job

My Friend Job

When my life is in pain and I see no way out
My thoughts go to Job, something he knew about

Job endured loss yet courageously held to his faith and his trust
Not choosing to think that his fate was unjust

Poor Job, as he sat in his sack cloth and ashes
His friends came to spew insults and tongue lashes

Poor Job, he did loose all his family and more
How could he know what else was in store?

He refused to curse God he stood on his trust
No matter how sad or confused or unjust

True to Life old Job was all the day
In the good and the bad Job stood true with no sway

So put on your sack cloth and sit in the dust
If you have such a day and courageously trust

And remember old Job
How at last he rejoiced and he never forgot
That no matter how dark or how ugly it got

Life has a purpose if only we’ll yield
To us will be given, like Job – a new field.


  1. This was incredible to hear you read it
    and now, I am in tears as I read it again!

    Just lovely.
    Renee´s last blog post ..Haiku Expressions

  2. Thank you Renee, that one brings me to tears too. For me it is all about faith and always has been. xo

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