My Renee

A spark
A tear
A bird on the breeze
The light of the world

Come to be my love
Come to me my love

Awakened from your sleep
Arising from your slumber

Know yourself and fly sweet bird
Stepping out of the bond
Letting go of the cage

Enjoy the wind and fly to the heavens
And when you return
You bring back the majesty from on high

Bring back the joy and knowing
Bring back the peace and fly to earth

Cover us with your massive multicolored wings
Settle our hearts and free our spirits

For the joy of one life
The value of one soul
Is greater than the words
Greater than the ideas
Greater than the pain and expectation!

Be not afraid my love
And when you are
Embrace your soul
Enjoy your gain
Allow your Life

Beautiful Renee
You are the One
There is no doubt

My heart does sing
Upon the mount

Be free fine bird
Fly on the wind of Love

Fly fly fly and know the heights
And know the joys and watch
The shores and mounts and tree tops see
All are your home

None can hold you
None can stop
The most glorious Life
We call Renee

You are out
The cage is open
Fly fly fly
Oh the joy my heart does know
As gently gliding on the air does go
My Renee

Let no one stop you
As you go

Your feathers strong
And free to flow
Over the air
Up high in the wind

Soar my love and know and know
that you are loved
there’s none above
there’s none below

No fear can stop
Cause now you know

Alive again
Clear and free

Strong and real
Like our friend the tree

Never forget
Remember always
The moon is your friend
A new day it brings
Nothing is lost
Not ever or ever


  1. I cannot begin to express what this means to me. Not properly anyway — You are amazing and I am so lucky to be in your life and your heart. This is the most beautiful outpouring of words I have read in a long time. I adore you, thank you and admire you.
    Renee´s last blog post ..Taking Some Time —

  2. what can I say, this is what Life has to say about it’s Renee…

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