My Vision for Our World

My VisionOur country and world leaders are mature and integrated. They take into consideration all factors and they make their decisions with win – win – win for all in mind.

Individuals are less motivated by money and more motivated by their own internal spark of inspiration.

Help is rarely needed and only a neighbor away.

A country and world so plentiful that everybody can follow their own dreams and education takes the form of what is needed for the dream to become experience.

All work is equally regarded and valued and individuals can follow their desires free of stress from outside factors and judgments.

With the lack of stress and greater allowing, disease disappears and individuals become responsible for their own health decisions. Everyone knows basic body care, including diet, exercise, herbs and natural remedies for certain day to day issues.

Our science, or knowledge about ourselves, moves in directions and understanding that we haven’t even dreamed of yet. And we easily find solutions to problems.

Death is looked at much differently. Without fear and with greater understanding, we find ways to live and die in peace.

As we all mature we find ways to get along with each other, and we resolve differences and work together as one people.

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