Not Attempting to Save Myself

“Any time i am not doing what i want to do (following the promptings), i am attempting to save myself.” ~ap


The above was a something i posted to facebook….a dear friend asked me to define ‘save myself’ and brought up some other ideas, below is the response that came….

…when i follow the promptings without running things through my justifier, qualifier, counter or analyzer…my mind…but just allow what comes to flow…then i am not attempting to save myself. I don’t know who is out there listening to me, i do know that one sentence from someone like Mooji or Adyashanti in passing has given me exactly what i needed to take the next step, or several steps.

And i know that i risk many people not understanding what i am saying, i could attempt to save myself from being misunderstood…but i choose now to follow the promptings, and the prompting was ‘the words above typed on facebook, now’….so i followed….which is what i want to do more than anything.

About fear, of course i still feel fear and anger and sadness, i just feel them and trust them and they always lead me to new (previously unallowed and untrusted) parts of myself…………………………..i don’t read the words of others, except and unless i happen to be on the page of a friend, following a prompting and some sentence catches my eye…there is plenty of life coming directly to me from the inside.

I, like you say…have thought i knew everything…it’s a lot to give up, and trusting the greater me for help is the only way to let go of knowing…..there is a place for my unattached mind….and that is to understand ways to allow and enjoy and trust and even treasure ‘following my heart’, ‘the promptings’…..

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