Oh For The Love Of Hands

Hands, beautiful hands
Hands to hold
Hands to caress and tenderly love


Hands folded in prayer
Hands covering the heart in allegiance
Hands to clap for joy

Hands to carry
Hands to create
Hands to give and to receive


Hands to plant
Hands to pick the harvest
Hands to offer

Open hands ready to help
Closed hands to set the boundary

Hands to raise
Hands to release


Mother’s hands, gentle and kind
Father’s hands, showing the way

Hands to pet
Hands to clasp together in unity

Hands to heal
Hands to love
Hands to touch Life and know it

Hands of fate, deliver the news

Lovely, beautiful generous hands
Hands especially made

Hands to carry and stir and make lunch

So simple are hands
So amazingly beautiful and profound


Hands to touch the world
Hands to make music
Hands to paint a picture

Hands to join together
Hands to move apart

Hands to wave hello and goodbye
Hands to scratch and massage and wash
Hands to write these words


Hands beautiful hands
Thank you hands for all you do
Oh for the love of hands……


  1. Just … wow … this is gorgeously written and just beautiful. Your hands are certainly appreciated for the love and care shown. I am honored to be the recipient of such concern.
    Renee Avard´s last blog post ..~ This Journey ~

  2. Hi Renee, it’s just a little appreciation for all our beautiful hands. love you! 🙂

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