Oneness And Trust

Oneness and Trust

If we are all One Being…
and in the physical we are each very different
and in the mental area we are each unique and individual and very different
why not listen to the non-physical for our information on every subject?
It would be like tapping into what the bigger us is up to and following that direction.

But, when we don’t really understand what being One, or wholeness is
then we tend to make our decisions from our physical viewpoint and our mind.

How do you listen to the non-physical?
With faith, real faith, the kind that trusts no matter what is seen or thought.

In order to move from where we are to where we want to be
we must come to realize that we don’t know the answer
and that when we do we will easily move forward.

Trust, where ever you are, how ever you feel, whatever is going on, trust it.
It is your friend, and will bring you to where you want to be,
if you just stop and trust.
Right there in the middle of the rapids, just let go and trust.

Trust that Life is on your side
trust that you are part of a much larger picture
trust that nothing can ever really harm you, because you are not this body, but an eternal being
trust that when it is time for you to go from this body, you will go, no sooner or later
and trust that you haven’t ever done anything wrong and neither has anybody else.

The path of trust starts right where you are with whatever is going on right now
just let it be and make it ok.
Even if you can’t make it ok, then make it ok that it’s not ok…
Trusting, really trusting brings honesty…
if we want to hear the voice of the One of us…we’ll need to be honest…

If we are One, then we are much larger with much more understanding and knowledge than we can have from our little individual essences. Trust that greater knowing part…

With Love, Anne


  1. I enjoyed reading this blog tonight. It rolled over me in a soothing sort of way, familiar yet fresh. Thanks.

  2. my pleasure Vickie, thanks for letting me know it was valuable to you…that’s why i write this stuff down. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Every day in our lifes we have to make desicions and it is easy feel in uncertainty state about what is the best option in our situation, Faith and Trust is the best way to approach our world and situation to move foward. Nice post, I will be following you. I just learning ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi Giselle, yes, trust is what is needed…thank you! Anne

  5. Always love your posts .. the glance into such an evolved mind. Trust … Life …. it knows what needs to be done. I am honored and love to call you what you are to me ….. family.
    Renee´s last blog post ..And Life Is, Was and Will Be

  6. Hi Renee, thank you dear, we spend so much time wrestling with the made up stuff in our heads….let us step out in faith and dance with the one who brought us….Life….I feel the same about you my love….

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