Our Limited View Is Inaccurate

Our Limited View Is Inaccurate

The limited view of how I think things are is really very inaccurate, since it is so minuscule compared to how things really are…so why keep going down those incomplete, therefore inaccurate mental roads.

By remembering that I don’t know I allow the knowing of the All/One, it is the other part of me. And I disconnect from The Mind, that is…all the thoughts that have ever been thought. And most importantly I stop going down the mental roads and begin to form new ones.

These new mental roads are lighter and more free because they are created to support what is wanted from the heart.

With I don’t know comes the opportunity to see from a new perspective. This is true on any and every subject I don’t know is applied to..and mixed with faith.

Waking up means becoming aware that I don’t know, on one subject after another.   That’s why enlightenment is a road and not a destination. 🙂

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