Relinquishing Control

Relinquishing Control

Not requiring anything to be a certain way.  Realizing and enjoying the flow.

Here’s a secret…

Ask yourself what you want and follow the voice that answers, it is the flow, and when you let go (little by little until you realize freedom) and follow and trust that voice –  what a ride!.  And the now is there and peace and freedom and joy and love.

All at the end of the rainbow.  The promise of a new birth.  Back to children again. Spontaneously going through each day, playing and only doing what is wanted and loved.  Of course utilizing systems to help.

Gently loving all those who come, quietly and gently offering our life and our truth. Quietly listening to the environment. Free to sit and feel and think and be.  Free to write these words…


  1. I love my attitude towards life. I love that I am a person who feels things. I cannot imagine a life minus emotions. I love watching “Lost” over again as I am because this show changed my life (and I do love Evangeline Lilly SO much — a great actress and friend). I love that the people I have chosen to be in my “inner circle” are each made up of tiny specific gorgeous details … one’s smile; one’s attitude of gratitude; the way someone makes time for a nourishing and loving friendship, never saying they are just “too busy” to deal. So much more I could say ~ you are such a well of inspiration when I come here. Due to the issues at hand and the fact I need a break, I am going to continue to take more days off and will return next week with a lot of things, such as articles and my blog posts and other Guest Blog posts.

  2. Hi Renee, I am glad for feelings too, and for you! Glad you are taking a break and listening to your inner voice, I love doing that….much love, anne

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